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Lifestyle: If Money Was No Object

Hello friends! Have you ever thought of something and thought to yourself, man I’d love to do that if I had the money? Yeah me too, more often then I’d like to admit. Today’s blog is a list of things that I would do if I had the money to make it happen.


10. VISIT KALAHARI– This is something I’ve have been trying to make happen every year for a long time now. My family loves water parks,especially “S”! While Kalahari isn’t far from our home it would be a nice quick getaway.

9. GO TO SAN ANTONIO– My husband and I used to live in Texas for a short period. San Antonio was one of our favorite places to visit. It’s so full of history and things to look at. 

8. SEE LUKE BRYAN IN CONCERT– Luke Bryan is by far on of my favorite country acts at the moment! Every year he comes to down and every year I sit at home wishing I was there.

7. SEE A FILMING OF DANCING WITH THE STARS– This is my one of my mom and I favorite shows. We have watched every season, and have always said how cool it would be to be in the crowd.

6. FOLLOW THE CLEVELAND INDIANS TO AN AWAY GAME– I have grown up loving the Cleveland Indians! They are my hometown team. I think it would be awesome to be sitting in the crowd at a different stadium cheering on my favorite team!

5. SEE THE BACKSTREET BOYS IN VEGAS– Alright I grew up in the 90’s so you know I have a favorite boy band! When I found out that the Backstreet Boys were getting a residency in Las Vegas(one of my favorite places) I lost my mind! 

4. GO TO NEW YORK CITY TO SEE A BROADWAY SHOW– I have been to New York City once. It was 10 years ago and I was a junior in high school. I was there for all of 12 hours or so. But I fell in love with it and have been begging my husband to go back. The one thing I didn’t get a chance to do when I was there was see a Broadway Show. 

3. GO ON AN ACTUAL FAMILY VACATION TO THE OCEAN– I have been to many places with my best friend, in fact she is my go to travel companion. But since my daughter has been alive we as family have NEVER taken a family vacation. 

2. VISIT IRELAND– This one might sound a little strange. But in my world it’s not. My husband has family in Northern Ireland that I have yet to meet, and I would love to see where my family is from in the south.

1. GO TO DISNEY(LAND OR WORLD)– My daughter has been begging me to take her to Disney lately. I would LOVE to make that dream a reality for her!

Well these are my top 10 things that I would do if  money wasn’t an option. What would you do if money wasn’t an issue? Let me know in the comments below!

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