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Lifestyle: Finding Balance

Hello friends! I am sorry there wasn’t a blog last week. The week just got away from me. Heck I still lose track of the day and date. Things have taken a quick, exciting, crazy personal turn for myself. Let me explain. For the last year and a half I’ve been looking into how to… Continue reading Lifestyle: Finding Balance

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Lifestyle: How is it possible I have a first grader?

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on “S”. So since I didn’t have a blog post planned I figured now is a good time to update you. Well where do I start? It’s been pretty quiet around here *knock on wood*. She started school about three weeks, and let me just… Continue reading Lifestyle: How is it possible I have a first grader?

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Lifestyle: The Happily Married Tag

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great week! Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our EIGHT year wedding anniversary. Let me say this to start, we're not prefect. Our relationship isn't perfect. But we work at it, and try and make it better! In honor of our anniversary I have asked my husband to… Continue reading Lifestyle: The Happily Married Tag

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Lifestyle: Date night at the Luke Bryan Concert

Hello friends! I have been planning this blog for so long, and although things didn't go exactly how I had them in my mind it was still an awesome night! A few months ago I posted my summer bucket list. On that list I had "attend a Luke Bryan concert". Well things happened, we got… Continue reading Lifestyle: Date night at the Luke Bryan Concert

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Lifestyle: Independence Day Recap

Hello friends! Hope my readers from the United States are recovering well from any hangover they may have. Last night was an unexpected night so I just want to recap it! Yesterday started off rather boring, my husband had to work during the morning/afternoon. Mostly “S” and I just chilled at home until he got home.… Continue reading Lifestyle: Independence Day Recap