I’m back..sorta…well maybe…

Hello friends!!! It sure has been a lonnnnnnnnnng time since I’ve really had the time to sit down and actually focus my time on anything other then school, work, or family. I have seemed to find a balance with all three lately that I think, god willing, I will start writing on the blog again.… Continue reading I’m back..sorta…well maybe…

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Lifestyle: 2017 A Year In Review!

Hello friends! I’m back…we’ll sort of. I’m on break this week so I have the time to actually sit down and write this. I start my next course next week so we will see how completely time consuming it is before I can fully commit to once a week blogs again. Anyhow, I figured it… Continue reading Lifestyle: 2017 A Year In Review!

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Lifestyle: What’s Going On With My Child

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on “S” and boy is there an update. Let’s not waste any time and just get right into it. IS SHE GROWING? Recently we took “S” to the doctor for her year check in on her medication. While we were there we were informed that… Continue reading Lifestyle: What’s Going On With My Child

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Beauty: Christmas Beauty Wishlist

Hello friends! I am sorry there wasn’t a blog last week. School had me flustered, and I somehow lost track of the days. Today I am bringing you a blog that I’ve been working on in my head for some time now. Rather you like it or not, the holiday season is upon us. Be… Continue reading Beauty: Christmas Beauty Wishlist

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Beauty: Tarte Rainforest of The Sea Eyeshadow Palette Vol. II

Hello friends! In case you didn’t happen to see my Instagram on Wednesday blogs will be moving to Saturday’s. It just works better with my schooling now. Anyhow, for the last several months I have been loving a new palette today I am going to tell you my pros and cons(yes, even though I’m loving… Continue reading Beauty: Tarte Rainforest of The Sea Eyeshadow Palette Vol. II