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Beauty: Christmas Beauty Wishlist

Hello friends! I am sorry there wasn’t a blog last week. School had me flustered, and I somehow lost track of the days. Today I am bringing you a blog that I’ve been working on in my head for some time now. Rather you like it or not, the holiday season is upon us. Be… Continue reading Beauty: Christmas Beauty Wishlist

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Beauty: Elemis Pro-Collagen Skin Care

Hello friends! I was recently sent some of the Elemis Pro-Collagen skin care line. I have been using it almost everyday since receiving it. I am finally ready to give you my honest opinions and thoughts on the products I’ve been trying out! THE GOOD Okay everything I’ve been trying out just feels luxurious. From… Continue reading Beauty: Elemis Pro-Collagen Skin Care

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Beauty: Smashbox Primer Water

Hello friends! Today we are going to discuss the Smashbox Primer Water. If you watch beauty videos you probably have seen this product being raved about. It’s definitely got a cult like following. When the 21 days of beauty sale was happening last month I made sure to pick this up. These are my thoughts… Continue reading Beauty: Smashbox Primer Water

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Beauty: e.l.f skin care

Hello friends! This winter season has been a rough one on my skin. I’ve tried everything from different moisturizers to neosporine to try and get some relief. It wasn’t until I came across the e.l.f Skin Care Starter Set that my skin finally started to feel better.  I found the set at my local Target, but you… Continue reading Beauty: e.l.f skin care