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Lifestyle: Tips for Back to School

Hello friends! That time is upon us, its time to send our kiddos off to school. For some this is a time for celebration or a time for sorrow. For us(me in particular) I am very excited for "S" to go back to school. I'm not saying the summer was bad, because it wasn't I'm just ready to have some "me" time during the daylight hours. Here are some tips and tricks that I have found to work, at least for us.

Tip #1: Bedtime

If your kids are anything like "S" they look at bedtime as punishment. We've come to realize that it really is nothing more then FOMO(fear of missing out). For some reason kids think that when we put them to bed mommy and daddy have a big party in the living room. We deal with the hour long battle of laying her down, only for her to get back up for water or to use the bathroom. What we have done to prepare "S" for her 8 o'clock bedtime is a month before school starts we start with a 9 o'clock bedtime and start taking 15 minutes off every week. It hasn't exactly gone smooth, but we're slowly working our way toward the 8 o'clock mark.

Tip #2: Get Excited

Does you child enjoy school? Ask them, there answer may shock you. "S" at the beginning of summer said she couldn't wait to go back to school, and she missed her teacher. As the summer has progressed her tune has changed. Now she doesn't want to go back to school because of homework and tests. This is normal, I went through the back to school dread, and I'm sure you did to. For me I try and stay positive about going back to school. I tell her all the things that she will get to do, like see her friends, and play at recess. Make her remember all the things they do.

Tip #3: School Supply Shopping

This is something that if I were smart I would tackle without my husband, he makes it stressful. But he holds the purse stings so I take him along. I typically like to get just about everything we need from her school supply list at least two weeks in advance. That way I'm not dealing with having to drive all over town because Target doesn't have what I need. Another thing is I know in Ohio(where we live) they do a tax free weekend, this includes school supplies, and school clothing. Here is a link for details if you live in Ohio.

Tip #4: School Clothes Shopping

Call me cheap if you wish, but when it comes to clothes for "S" if I can find nice clothes at garage sales, that will be her school clothes. Honestly I have found some really nicely taken care of brand name clothes at garage sales. With they way kids grow and go through clothes, it doesn't make sense to drop hundreds on brand new clothes. Now finding brand new brand name clothes for teenagers might be a different story.

Tip #5: Breakfast

I'll admit I am not a superstar parent, but I believe breakfast during school is important. In the past I have made "S" breakfast on the first day of school. From there on out she usually eats at school for breakfast.


Well there you have it. My tips for back to school. Do you have any tips of your own? Let me know in the comments below!

See you next week!




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