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Lifestyle: The Happily Married Tag

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great week! Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our EIGHT year wedding anniversary. Let me say this to start, we're not prefect. Our relationship isn't perfect. But we work at it, and try and make it better! In honor of our anniversary I have asked my husband to join me and do a tag post. So here is the happily married tag! I hope you enjoy.

1. Did you date much before you met your spouse?

Katrina: This is a hard question. We were friends for a while before we dated. But to answer the question, yes I had a few serious relationships before my husband.

Patrick: Yes, I dated around.

2. Did online dating exist and would you have used it?

Katrina: Yes online dating existed, being I've been with my husband my ENTIRE adult life, no I didn't use it.

Patrick: Same

3. Where do you think is a great place to meet someone?

Katrina: This is a tough question to answer, especially since I met my husband in high school. But in my best guess I would say, a local bar, maybe your work place.

Patrick: Work place, especially considering I'm a DJ

4. What qualities would you tell single ladies/men to look for?

Katrina: Honesty, faithfulness, someone who treats your right. The list could go on, but those are the major ones.

Patrick: Loyal, compromising, and loving.

5. What advice would you give your daughter?

Katrina: Oh boy this is something that I didn't want to have to think about for another 10 years. But here we are..well I would tell her to listen to her heart. Just because a boy says he loves her doesn't always mean he does. Also to use her head, she is a smart girl I just hope that in the future she uses her head.

Patrick: Be like your mother.

6. How did you meet and how old were you?

Katrina: My earliest memory of meeting my husband was 7th grade for me, 8th grade for him. So that would make me what…13ish

Patrick: 8th grade year, I was 14

7. Did you play hard to get?

Katrina: I don't think I did. It was always a matter of either one of us being in a relationship when the other wasn't. Until perfect timing happened.

Patrick: Not consciously

8. Did you know they were the one right away? Did they know?

Katrina: Okay see the first time(yes the first time) no I didn't know he was the one. But the second time, I knew almost from the beginning.

Patrick: The first time, like my wife I wasn't sure. But the second time I asked her within a few weeks of starting to date, so yes I knew.

9. What qualities did you love about your spouse you when you were first dating?'

Katrina: I loved how he treated me, and still does. He will go above and beyond to make sure I am taken care of.

Patrick: She was fun, artistic, and understanding.

10: Did you have a timeline for marriage in your mind before you got married?

Katrina: I mean sure, in my ideal world things would have fallen into place perfectly. You know, graduate high school, go away to college and graduate, start career, fall in love, get married.

Patrick: No.

11. Did you have to nudge your spouse toward marriage or did it happen on its own.

Katrina: Well we definitely got married before we both planned.

Patrick: More like the military nudged us.

12. How did your parents influence the kind of marriage you wanted?

Katrina: Well my parents are divorced so I knew right away that if I was going to get married it was going to be forever. Especially if a child was going to get brought into it.

Patrick: My parents were never married.

13. What did you love most about your wedding?

Katrina: This is a loaded question for me. The wedding was planned in a total of 2 weeks, so it wasn't exactly what I had dreamed of. It was a nice wedding, but not exactly what I would have planned if I would have had more time.

Patrick: My mom passed when I was 18, and it may sound strange but I could feel that she was there.

14. Is the first year of marriage really the hardest?

Katrina: Honestly we had some major bumps within the first 6 months, but nothing we didn't over come. He left after 6 months for basic training for the Army. Honestly if you can get through all the training you should be smooth sailing.

Patrick: I wouldn't say we had the traditional first year.

15. What advice would you give newlywed couples?

Katrina: I'm sure you know the saying by now. Happy wife, happy life. Well there is some truth to that. Also, NEVER stop working on your relationship. Sure at times it will feel stagnant, but keep going.

Patrick: Communicate, be willing to compromise, and except each others flaws.


Well that's it. Its been a fun, fast eight years of marriage. We've been though a lot together. What advice do you have for couples if you are married. Let me know in the comments below.

This blog was a collab with fellow blogger/ my husband Patrick "mayhem" Mulholland!





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