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Beauty: Mark Jacobs Eyeshadow

Hello friends! I am back and starting to feel a little more myself. Today I am bringing you a product that was an unexpected find. In the last recent months I have found a love for TJ MAX and all that it is. One that I’ve come accustomed to is digging. One day on a whim I went in and found quite a few Mark Jacobs Beauty products. I grabbed an eye shadow palette and an eyeliner (we will talk about that later.) Well I’ve used it enough to have a solid opinion so here it is.


The Mark Jacobs: The Dreamer palette is a golden/orange palette. It is absolutely stunning for the summer months. It’s got a great mixture of matte, satin, and shimmer shades. All in all you would be alble to crest a BEAUTIFUL look for day or night.


This palette goes for $59 online. In my own opinion the pan size is a little small for $59. But ultimately you are paying for the name. Another draw back is there is quite a bit of fall out. Another complaint I have is the shimmer shades are a little lack luster unless you use your finger. 


This is a good palette. Would I pay $60 for it, probably not. That being said if this palette interests you I would go check out your local TJ MAX and pick this gem up for $20.

Have you used any other Mark Jacobs Beauty products? Let me know in the comments below!


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