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Lifestyle: Life Update

Hello friends! This probably isn’t going to be a long post, but who knows. I know I have been missing. There is really no excuse for it. Let’s get started on this update sort of thing.

If you see me person you wouldn’t think anything is wrong. I am happy to be around people. I continue on with what I’m doing. But for a little while now I have just not felt like myself on the inside. I mean physically I am fine, but like way down deep I’m just not all there. I do not know what exactly is going on.

My husband seems to think that I have depression. But I don’t really see why I would. I literally have ZERO reason to be depressed. But when I looked up the symptoms after he pointed out things I think it’s possible. I mean I literally can be awake for just a few hours and then I go back to bed for 3-4 hours. 

I am hoping that I can figure out whatever this is, without any medical intervention. Hoping to be back on my blogging game soon( if not next week.)

Hang in there with me! I’ll be back!


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