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Beauty: Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation 

Hello friends! For the last few months I have been testing out the Wet n Wild Photofocus foundation. Let me just say i love the way it makes my skin look! That being said I do have a love hate relationship with this foundation. Let me explain why below!


I seriously love the way that my skin looks after using this foundation! It just looks smooth and flawless. You don’t really need a ton of foundation to cover your face. Now it is a medium-full coverage so if you have to you can build it. The price point is something to love as well! At $5.99(and sometimes you can find it on sale) it’s a steal! This is probably better then some high end foundations that I have tried. 


While yes this makes my skin look great, dont expect it to last. What I mean by that is on my skin(combination) I can’t get longer then about 8 hours out of this before my t-zone is a mess. So if you are wanting to wear this to work and go out for a few drinks after you may want to touch up.

All in all this is a GREAT foundation! I will definitely be purchasing another or another in a different tone(it is summer after all).

Have you used this foundation? Do you love or hate it? Let me know in the comments below!!

3 thoughts on “Beauty: Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation 

  1. I wore it for the first time yesterday actually and had it on from 8am – 11pm and I have combo skin as well and it never broke up on me at all. I set it with a lot of powder though and used two primers haha… So I need to wear it more on normal makeup days and see if it still lasts. Great post!


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