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Lifestyle: An “S” update

Hello friends! It’s been a few months since I updated about “S”. So while I’m still feeling a bit under the weather(this double ear infection refuses to go away) that is what I am going to do.


Well we are literally days away from our “summer” beginning. At the end of the week school will be a thing of the past, well at least for 3 months. I am honestly so excited to have a break from her going to school, yes that means she is home with me 24/7 but that also means that she isn’t getting in trouble for things she can’t help.


Last I updated “S” she was taking figure skating lessons. Since then, they have ended, I’m not entirely sure if she will be starting them again in the fall or not but I’m hopeful. Since summer is starting as stated in the above paragraph we have decided to sign her up for softball. We have been practicing with her for a good 3 weeks now(even though her first real team practice was yesterday.) I’ve got to say this child never fails to amaze me. She has picked up this sport so fast. The only thing I see as a problem is her best friend is also on her team. So I say good luck to the coach.



Lately it has seemed that “S” thinks she is older then what she is. The attitude on this kid is that of at least a 10 year old. The sad part is, it’s not entirely a disrespectful attitude. Now I am not saying that she doesn’t get that disrespectful attitude. But for the most part it’s her being sassy and trying to come off as funny. 
Well that’s the update as of now. If anything dirastically changes I’ll be sure to update then. 

Do you have kids? What are there summer plans? Let me know in the comments below!

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