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Lifestyle: GOMO- Getting Out More Often

Hello friends! I know you have all heard of FOMO(fear of missing out), but have you heard of GOMO(getting out more often)? GOMO is the idea of going out and spending money one more experiences, versus more material things. I know, I know we all want that new hot “toy”, or the brand new makeup palette that just dropped. But lets be real, when you look back on your life chances are you won’t remember that, you will however that concert you went to on date night or that weekend getaway you took with your best friends!

This summer I an vowing to attempt to make the most of the summer. Here are the top 5 things that I want to make happen by the time summer ends!


5. VISIT THE CINCINNATI ZOO-  This zoo trip would be an adventure for sure. Cincinnati is a good 4 hour trip from my home, but the zoo there has FIVE types of penguins. Penguins just so happen to be my favorite animal!

4. GO TO A CONCERT-  A few blogs a go I mentioned that I wanted to attend a Luke Bryan concert. Well, things may have played out well and I am happy to announce that my husband and I will be going to the concert in July!!! Granted they aren’t the most steller seats but they are seats non the less!

3. WEEKEND TRIP TO SANDUSKY- When most people thing Sandusky, OH they think Cedar Point! While this is pretty much true, there is actually quite a bit to the Sandusky area. Taking a trip would be awesome, and it would be even better to make it a friends trip!

2. GO TO THE CLEVELAND AIR SHOW- Every year my family goes to a little park that is close to the airport that the Cleveland Air Show is at. But by doing that you miss EVERYTHING that happens on the ground.

1. GO TO MORE CLEVELAND INDIANS GAMES- I’ve said in a past blog that the Cleveland Indians are my favorite team, well for the last few years we haven’t been going to games. Life seemed to get in the way. This summer we have decided to attempt to attend as many games 

Did you know with Eventbrite you can sign up and find local experiences and events, all you need to do is check their online RSVP page!!

What do you plan on doing this summer? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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