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Hello friends! This blog is going to be a little different and may be a bit painful for me to write, but here goes nothing. I have talked about my struggles with “S” and I am always giving my opinion on products. But I don’t really show much of my true self. This blog will dive deeper into ME. I’m not expecting much of it, but I feel compelled to write it

Who am I. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a friend. I love my life but often find myself thinking of the “what ifs”. What if I did this differently. I recently found myself scrolling through my photos on my Facebook, and thought to myself my life isn’t what I thought it would be in high school, but it’s a good one. 

My husband and I will be together 10 years this fall. We’ve been married almost 8 years. We have been though things that I have personally seen wreck relationships. For the first half of our marriage we spent more time apart then we did together. It made us charish the time we did have together even more. Do we fight..yes, but when the thought of losing the person you are with forever scares you. You know it’s meant to be. 

We have a beautiful daughter. She is our entire world. I am constantly getting asked when we’re going to have number 2. Honestly right now we like our life how it is. We don’t feel it necessary to expand our already happy family. Now if by the grace of god we were blessed with another we would be happy. But for us right now it’s not something we feel like we NEED to do.

I have learned over the years that friendships come and go. I dont want a bunch of “fake” friends just for the sake of feeling liked. I would rather have few true friends that I know like me.  I don’t really talk to those friends from high school. There is one, she is my best friend and my daughters godmother. Aside from that all my friends that I have now I have met over time. We have fun and it doesn’t feel like work. 

That’s it. There is ME. If there is something else you would like to know more about, please feel free to ask. 

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