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Lifestyle: It’s been a while!

Hello friends! I’m currently taking a mini break from makeup. Giving my skin a chance to breath. But I still wanted to write something so this week I am giving a quick update on “S”! 


Most days with her are good. She is progressing well in school and seems to be consistent. She has been taking ice-skating lessons for a little while now, and she is surprisingly really good at it. A short while ago she decided she was DONE wearing pull ups to bed and we have been pull up since then.


While most days at school are good days, we do have bad ones. Her doctor wants us to get a 504 plan in place but unfortunately her school seems to ignor all attempts at contact to set up a meeting. She is getting in trouble for things that we honestly believe that she can’t control. We try and talk to her about it, and she seems to understand then it happens again.


Recently we had a completely drug free weekend. Miscommunication with the doctor and we ran out. Let me say that you don’t realize how different she is while on the pill until she was completely off for two day! It was a very long weekend to say the least.

Wel like I said this was going to be a quick update! 

Leave a comment below with some things you’d like to see me talk about.

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