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Beauty: Kylie Cosmetics Valentines Day Minis

Hello friends! I was able to get my hands on the Kylie Cosmetics Valentines Day Minis and I have been putting them to the test! I was able to snatch up the Smooch Mini Bundle. This bundle came with two eye shadows, a liquid lipstick, and a gloss! Since everything sells out every time she releases anything the products already had a lot to live up to. I love most, but there are some things that I probably could find elsewhere. So lets get into it.


This was the one product that I was most excited about! I’ve really been in to eyes shadow and this bundle came with two. One of the colors was unlike anything I own and the other..well its your basic sparkly pink. They eye shadow came in two finishes, one matte, and the other glittery. I can honestly say that the matte color(Poison Berry) is by far unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever used. It is so pigmented and smooth! I have found myself reaching for this color over anything else I own. It is a stunning burgundy color, that blends like a dream. As for the pink glittery color(In Love), I really just use it because its in the same packaging as the other color and that is one less product that is out on my counter. I own so many colors like this and honestly I have my favorite. So for me the pink glittery color isn’t anything I would write home about.



This product is what put Kylie Cosmetics on the map so I was expecting..well liquid gold! Sadly I was a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong the liquid lipstick is amazing in it’s self. But lately I’ve been more into the put it on my lips and its there ALL DAY. Sadly with this liquid lipstick after you have lived(eat, drink, talked) it begins to wear off in the center of your lips. The color is stunning though(Gorg.) As for the gloss(Damn Gina) I actually like it a lot more then I expected myself to. Its not sticky at all, but it stays in place.


All in all I like the products. I prefer the Kyshadow, and would like to get one of the larger palettes. Have you ever used any Kylie products before? Do you like them? Let me know in the comments below.




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