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Beauty: NYX Total Control Foundation 

Hello friends! I recently ran out of foundation and was wanting to try something new. I’ve heard wonderful things about the NYX Total Control foundation so I decided to give it a go. Boy was I disappointed! I don’t know what it was but it DID NOT work for me!

First off the this product is supposed to be used with a special brush…a. special. brush. So naturally I look for said brush. It is no where to be find so I decide I’ll just try my beauty blender. That worked fo all of 2.5 seconds.

Okay now let’s talk about the formula of this foundation. I get that it’s supposed to be colored water but holy cow! This stuff went on my skin fine, but as it dried ALL my inperfections started to show. Now here is when I knew this foundation was a huge pass for me. I went to apply my concealer,like I always do. I blend it out and the foundation started to move with the concealer! I was left with patches of bare skin! Um no thank you!

So needless to say this foundation is going to be returned!! Hopefully I can find something I like. Wish me luck!

Have you used this product? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments below!

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