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Beauty: L.A. Girl Pro-Concealer Review

Hello friends! First off let me say I know I am probably going to get a bunch of hate because this is a cult favorite. I am really saddened by this product because I have been searching everywhere for it for like TWO YEARS! But when it comes to the L.A Girl Pro-Concealer I just can’t seem to like it. 

Now let me say that I personally think I picked up an old tube. When I first opened it all that came out was water. I’m talking like water everywhere. It also felt crusty, so I don’t know if maybe I was suppose to shake it up and didn’t get that memo or what.

Now let me talk about the actual application. It was not what I was expecting. It was thick and somewhat chunky. The chunky part is one of the reasons I got a bad tube. It doesn’t blend out great either.

I am so sad that I don’t like this concealer. Especially since I’ve been looking for it for son long. Now I am tempted to order it online or find another store that carries it to give it another shot. If that happens you can bet there will be an update.

Have you ever tried the L.A Girl Pro-Concealer? Did I do something wrong or was it just bad? Let me know below in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Beauty: L.A. Girl Pro-Concealer Review

      1. Oh yes! I have that one too! Let me know how it goes for you. Oh, Did you try looking up YouTube videos about them. There’s probably a ton of great techniques to using them πŸ™‚


  1. I have bought mine on Beauty bay and it is perfect. I have removed that top and use it without that wierd applicator. I love how thick it is and it blends perfectly with my RT sponge. Also it covers my black under eyes area perfectly. But for every day use I go for Age Rewind because I have dry under eyes area. This one i use when I need full coverage. And mine has not water in it. Maybe you have got some old one! Also I love the contouring shade and the applicator works beautifly with contouring one haha. I discovered it when I wanted to try the bronzie shade for sculpting and it is stunning it blends perfectly. Just perfect cream product.

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