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Beauty: Drug Store Haul

Hello friends! It seems like the drugstores are stocked full of new products from our favorite brands. I set out in search of some of the new things and a new to me item. Here is what I got, and you can bet there will be a review done on all of them!

Jordana Glow N’ Go Creamy Strobing Stick: This is a new product for the Jordana line. To be honest until a few days ago I didn’t even know this brand even existed. These strobing sticks come in three shades(01 pearl glow,02 radiant glow, and 03 bronze glow). These are a cream base product. I picked this up at my local Walgreens.
Jordana Sculpt N’ Go Creamy Contour Stick: Like the Glow N’ Go strobing stick the Sculpt N’ Go Contour Stick is also new. Now I will say both of these products are a new type of product for me. I have never dealt with anything with a cream base. I picked this up at my local Walgreens as well.

Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Liquid Lipstick: This is brand new to Wet N Wild. In fact I believe they are still really new in the liquid lipstick game. They have 13 colors to choose from. I picked up the shade Nudist Peach. I also got this from my local Walgreens. 

L.A. Girl Pro Concealer: Yes, yes I know this is not a new product. How ever it is new to me. I have spent the last two years trying to find this. Come to find out that this has been down the street from me at a whole in the wall beauty supply store. I can not wait to try it out. 
Well that’s my haul for this trip. It wasn’t as successful as I had hoped, but that’s life. Keep an eye out for reviews on these products.

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