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Beauty: Real Techniques Beauty Sponge Review

Hello friends! A little over a week ago I was walking around my favorite place(Target) and I noticed the Real Techniques beauty sponge kit. It was laying on what I call “a decision was made here” shelf. You know that one shelf by the price checker that has a ton of random stuff. I figured it was there because it was over priced. But I scanned it any how and a $20.99 item was $5.99! My husband threw it in the cart no questions asked! Now let’s flash forward to now. I’ve had time to test out all the sponges and make an honest opinion on them.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge(the big orange one)
This sponge was the first beauty sponge I’ve ever used! I loved the time that is. Since then I’ve discovered the egg/teardrop sponge and I’m in love. I don’t necessarily use the Beauty Blender because I think paying $20 for a sponge is absurd. But I use something like it. Now let me say, I honestly feel like they’ve changed the shape of the orange sponge, but I’m probably way wrong. It’s very difficult to apply makeup with since there is no large surface like the egg/teardrop shape sponges. My other complaint is that it already has a tear in it.

Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponge(the small purple one)

I love this sponge! I’ve never used anything like it. I always thought it was a little gimmicky. But now I use it to blend out my concealer, and even to bake my under eye area. It’s the perfect size to just get right in there and get the small spots! It is perfect in my opinion!
Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge(the pink one)
This is the one sponge in the entire pack that I got that I haven’t really used enough to feel I can give an honest opinion on. I’ve used it once to apply my highlighter and it applied it just fine. I didn’t see anything magical happen. Now if I had cream highlight and contour things would probably be different! Once I use it more I will post an update on this particular sponge so stay tuned.

Well that’s about it on what I think about the Real Techniques beauty sponges. Have you ever used any of these? Have you used anything similar? Let me know in the comments below!

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