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Beauty: Maybelline The Rock Nudes Eyeshadow Review

Hello friends! I am back with another eyeshadow palette for you. I was recently at Ulta to get another of the Maybelline Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in a different color and they had a buy one get one half off deal going so I started to look at the eye shadow. 

I came across The Rock Nudes palette and fell in love with the colors. I have nothing like them, they are stunning! I’ve been wearing it for a good few weeks now and I’ve tested just about every color in this 12 pan palette so I thought why not! I am here to give you my opinion on it and tell you if it’s worth the money.

This palette runs about $9.99 at Ulta but you can use your rewards and or coupons on it making it even cheaper!!! It has 12 colors ranging from base matte colors to glitter shades that would tie your entire eye look together! As a whole it has 5 matte colors, 5 satin colors, and 2 glitter colors! In my opinion this is a perfect drugstore palette to complete the perfect smokey eye! 

I’ve done 3 VERY different looks with this palette and all of the colors are easy to blend and build. The lighter colors leave a lot to desire and the glitter I’m still trying to play around with, but the darker matte colors are amazing! They are so soft and don’t have to much kick back.

If you are looking at the Urban Decay Smokey Eyeshadow Palette and don’t want to spend $54 this is a good choice. Not all the colors are the same but it will still create a very good smokey look!

Have you tried any of the Maybelline eyeshadow palettes? Let me know what your favorites are below in the comments!!

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