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Beauty: Soap & Glory Eye Stuff Eyeshadow Palette

Hello Friends! For the last month I have been putting the Soap & Glory Eye Stuff eyeshadow palette to the test! I found this beautiful gem alon the registers at Ulta and snatched it up! It is a limited edition palette after all. I’ve worn it several times now so I feel that I can give you my true and honest opinion on this product.

First let’s talk colors! The colors of this palette are absolutely stunning, they are all a shade or purple with three matte colors and three shimmers. You could make plenty of looks out of this palette which would make it perfect for travel! 

Now, my only issue with this palette. The light colors while beautiful just don’t show up, no matter how many times you apply them. The darker shades however, are stunning and highly pigmented! The shimmer shades do provide a bit of fall out so that is also a downfall. 

This palette is $10 so in my opinion it is perfect for those just starting out in makeup, or want color options but can afford the high end more pricy palettes. 

All in all I like the Soap & Glory Eyestuff Palette! I just wish the lighter colors had more pigment to them.

Have you tried this palette? Is there another budget palette that you like and think I should try? Let me know below in the comments!

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