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Lifestyle: ADHD Update..How’s it Going?

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I’ve update you about “S” and how she is doing. Well things have changed, we switched up he medication about a month ago. Now she is on a longer lasting pill. This pill has made all the difference. People are noticing the difference in her and commenting on how it’s almost refreshing.

So yeah..we changed her medication. Not the brand, she is just now on a longer lasting pill. Two reasons why we made this change, (a) she was having pretty bad come downs and (b) if we didn’t get her homework done the second she came home from school it wasn’t getting done. Her pill was wearing off right at the end of the school day. 

Since putting her on the longer lasting pill, the come down is almost nonexistent and we are able to get all of her homework done. No the pill is wearing off shortly before bedtime. 

Let me say this, she will NOT let you forget the pill. There have been mornings(typically on the weekend) that I’ve almost forgotten if it wasn’t for her. Makes me wonder if she feels funny. 

That’s about it for this update. Do you have a child on the long lasting ADHD pill? I’d love to here your experience! Leave your comments below in the comments!

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