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Beauty: Mascara Showdown | Better Than Sex vs They’re Real

Hello friends! Over the last week I’ve been testing and comparing two very popular mascaras, the Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced and the They’re Real Lengthening mascara by Benefit! Now let me say I love the Better Than Sex mascara! I bought it a few months ago and it’s all I’ve been using since! But the They’re Real mascara has recently been really hyped to me and I had to pick it up! 

Let me start off the comparison by saying I love these mascaras and if they could come together and make an awesome love child that would be amazing! That being said after a week I realize that each mascara each has different claims! 

The Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara claims to have a smudge proof formula, and while most of the time that holds true, if you’re muddling through allergies and your eyes are watering I would maybe steer clear. I will say with the Better Than Sex mascara you get gorgeous volume due to the curved bristled wand!

The Benefit They’re Real Lengthening mascara  claims that it lengthens, lifts, curls and separates your lashes creating that “falsie” look! I did notice that while the other mascara claims to be smudge proof and wasn’t the They’re Real mascara didn’t move! The They’re Real mascara wand is rubberized with shorter fingers that grip on to your lashes and lifts them up!

All in all I love each mascara! They are both excellent purchases that I am glad I made! Each does a different look! I would HIGHLY recommend both of these mascaras!

Do you have a favorite? Do you prefer any drugstore mascaras? Let me know in the comments below!

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