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Pack with me: What’s in my suitcase!

Hello friends! This is the first of several blogs dedicated to travel. Over the next week or so keep an eye out as I am about to embark on an adventure and I can’t wait to share it with you! First up is a pack with me blog. Here I will share what I am bringing as well as tips and tricks on how to maximize as much space as possible in your suitcase!

Where I am going sometimes calls for outfit changes so you may see quite a bit of clothing going. Chances are a few of the tops won’t even be worn but I’d rather have them then not.


I am taking 3 dressy shirts, like I said I may not wear all 3 but I want to option to change my mind once I get to my destination. I am also bring 2 pairs of jeans, one a more relaxed blue jean and the other a dressy white. Along with all that I am also packing 3 basic cotton shirts, these I plan to wear during the day while we are exploring our surroundings. Of course I am bringing the basic necessities( underwear and socks.)


This one is a little simpler. I am bringing my everyday black flip flops for the airport and plane. They are just simple to slip on and off when going through security and to get comfortable on the plane. In addition to those I am also packing a pair of white canvas tennis shoes, silver dressy sandals, and brown wedges.


As far as accessories are concerned all I am bringing with me it’s a reversible belt and a black cross-body bag.

The other things that will be in my checked suitcase and not in my personal bag toiletries and my makeup.
Now let’s talk about my personal in flight bag. I am bringing snacks( trail mix and other light but good for you items), I am also brining an empty water bottle that I plan to fill up before I board the plane. I am packing my iPad which I plan to put a few movie rentals on it as this is a semi long flight. In addition to all this I am including a “wellness bag” inside this I have hand sanitizer, moisturizer,lip balm, a few pens, and wetnap to wipe down any surface around me. I am also putting a pair of slipper socks and a lightweight blanket in my personal bag.

1. Save yourself some space in my suitcase and roll your clothes. I’ve done this the last few times I’ve traveled and it really does help.

2. Still want to take the full size toiletries? Pack it in your checked baggage.

3. Save space by putting items in your shoes. 


That is all the tips I have for you now. Do you have any packing tips or tricks that you swear by? Let me know in the comments below. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to find out where I’m headed! 

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