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Tag: I love Fall!


Every year I fall in love with fall. Summer is fine, its full of fun, but fall has my heart! I found this tag on Makeup & Flowers blog so make sure you go over and leave her some love!

1. What is your favorite fall month?

October has to be my favorite fall month, for many reasons to. One of the main reasons is its my birthday month! Another reason is its still warm enough that you can go out and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage!

2. What did you dress up as for Halloween last year?

I believe I attempted to do a easy cat, but ended up going as an exhausted mom. Halloween night is usually busy around my house, it consists of getting “S” home from school, fed, and in her costume all by 6(NOT an easy task to be done in 2 hours)

3. What is your favorite fall food?

My favorite fall food by far has to be pumpkin, and really pumpkin anything. But I especially love pumpkin roll.

4. Do you have any fall traditions?

I usually like to try and and carve pumpkins with “S”. We haven’t been able to do it every year but we sure do try!

5. What music do you like to listen to during the fall?

My music taste doesn’t really change. I listen to a different viarity of music all year around.

6. What is your favorite fall outfit?

I love to wear jeans, booties, and a sweater when its colder.

7. Favorite scary movie?

By far Halloween, the new ones, not the ones from the 80’s!

8. S’mores or Pumpkin Pie?

This question isn’t fair! I love both, but pumpkin pie takes the…um pie! Especially pumpkin pie from Costco!

9. Hot Chocolate or Warm Apple Cider?

Depends on the time. Hot Chocolate is great for those cold nights! But warm apple cider is perfect for those cool days walking around the pumpkin patch!

10. Do you like Pumpkin Spice Lattes?

YES! Yes I like Pumpkin Spice Lattes! I get one as soon as they are available and I continue to drink them until they are done away with for the season.

11. What is the best thing about your town in the fall?

Probably high school football! When the windows are open on a Friday night you can hear the marching band.

12. Tea or Coffee?

Coffee! Especially on a cold morning with some pumpkin spice creamer!

13. Gloves or Mittens?

Neither, I don’t like my hands to feel trapped, and I like to use my phone(probably a little to much).

14. What is your favorite Halloween Candy?

I love the miniature Snickers! I take them and put them in the freezer and it makes the perfect midnight snack!

15. Do you enjoy the other seasons?

Each season has its own charm

Winter- I actually enjoy the snow!

Spring- All the new birth, and flowers makes it beautiful

Summer- Fun in the sun, that’s really all you need during the summer

There is my I love Fall tag! If you decide to do you own please feel free to tag me! What is your favorite thing about fall? Let me know in the comments bellow!



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