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Try it out:Defy & Inspire Nail Polish


So last week I was at Target, and just walking around. Well I came across a nail polish display that caught my eye. I’d never heard of the nail polish, but the bottles just caught my eye. The brand is exclusive to Target and is called Defy & Inspire!

. Now what really attention is it said “wear resistant”! I came home and as soon as I got “S” to bed I sat down and did my nails, and I can honestly say that it really is “wear resistant”. I had it on for almost a week, and not one single chip!

Now, the application takes two coats are the first one is a tad bit sheer! But the color pay off is BEAUTIFUL! The bottle design makes the brand look like its an expensive nail polish. The cost per bottle is $7.49, which is less then most well known brands of nail polish, and the top coat adds a wonderful shine that almost looks gel. I can’t wait to go back to Target and buy more colors!

Have you used this brand of nail polish before? Did you like it, or do you have another nail polish brand suggestion? Let me know below in the comments.

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