ADHD update: Is it working?


Its been a week since we officially got the diagnosis that “S” has an elevated ADHD. Its been 4 days since we started her on her medication. The night before we started her on it, I couldn’t sleep. To much going through my head, what if it didn’t work, what if it worked to well, what if, what if. I spent the night googling how I wold know if the medication was working(NEVER GOOGLE AT 3 IN THE MORNING!)

Fast forward to Saturday morning, I didn’t make any plans for that day because well we didn’t know how she was going to react to this medication. I gave her her pill around 8, and because I had not slept the night before I crashed(don’t worry someone was watching her). I woke up to hear that she was much calmer, but much more attached to people. It was strange seeing her this calm, I kept asking her if she was okay and she insisted that she was but wanted to watch a movie. The come down came around 4, hyper “S” was back!

Sunday came, after great success on Saturday “S” and I ventured out of the house. We went to a local farm where there were a bunch of activities to do. I thought she would be all over the place but she really spent most of her time playing. Still the come down includes her becoming hyper again.

Monday comes along, okay lets see if this is really working. She goes to school, I’m skeptical that this medication is going to keep her calm and focused for 8 whole hours at school. But it did, my husband got a call from the teacher telling him how well she had done. Monday night was the worst come down we’ve seen, she is already a picky eater and the come down happened right at dinner time. But this time instead of being hyper she was emotional.

Now here we are on day 4 of the medication. We’re wondering if it even worked today. She didn’t have a great day (but she had a substitute so that could have something to do with it). Doing homework with her at home was a major task. Who knows, what happened today.

Here is to hoping we have a great week, and that Monday wasn’t just a fluke. But as of right now everyone who has interacted with “S” while she was on the medication this weekend has seen a difference and we all agree its helping her!

Are you or your kids on medication for ADHD? How do they react to it? Let me know below in the comments!

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