Out and About: Regal Vineyards Part 1


So today I looked out the window and decided to take “S” to the farm. The farm being Regal Vineyards and Family Fun. Its about 45 min from my home, and let me say a 45 min drive changes A LOT when it comes to weather. When I left my house it was blue skies and sunshine, by the time I got to the farm it was cloudy, gray, and pouring rain.

Since I had already made the 45 min drive with “S” we tried to make the best of the rainy situation. She had a blast despite the rain but she is a kid, I don’t think the really noticed the wet stuff falling on her head as she played on the various jungle gyms made out of random stuff. Me however didn’t enjoy standing in the rain but today wasn’t for me, it was for her.

Here are a few pictures from our outing!

“S” atop one of the jungle gyms
“S” shooting corn out of the cannon at the zombie!

What have you done this fall season? What is your favorite fall activity? Leave your response in the comments bellow! Also keep an eye out for part 2 as we are going back later in the month!


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