Whats in my makeup bag!

One thing I love about beauty and makeup is no two routines are the same. What works for one person may not exactly work for the next. Every beauty is unique to the person applying the makeup. But since its always fun to see what others are using today’s blog I’m allowing you to peek into my makeup bag!


  • L’Oréal Paris 24HR Pro-Matte in 106 Sun Beige- Right now this color is perfect for my tanned skin, but I live in a climate where I am lucky enough to have all 4 seasons (even if it is for just a few weeks) so my tan will not last come the dead of winter. But  I will tell you when it comes time to go to a lighter color I will FOR SURE be buying this product!
  • NYX HD Concealer in Light- OMG this is BEST concealer I have EVER used! I recommend it to all of my friends! Its thick and has the peachy tone to it so it covers the dark circles that many moms get.
  • Ulta Pressed Setting Powder in Banana- This is a new addition to my makeup bag. I’ve never really understood the whole “banana powder” trend until I tried this setting powder! It takes my whole foundation routine to a whole other level, its bright and light and just pretty!
  • Stila Highlighter- I honestly don’t know what the name of this highlighter is called, I got it one of those holiday makeup gift sets and of course they didn’t put any names on the actual pallate, but it is BEAUTIFUL!
  • Ulta Mineral Blush in Tiger Lily- This is another new addition to my makeup collection. Let me tell you this color is stunning! Its more of a mauvey pink, and the color payoff is awesome!


  • Stila Eye Shadow Quad- This is another one of those holiday gift set type of things that I can’t find the name but I use EVERY color in the quad!
  • Tarte Better then Sex Mascara- This is by far the best mascara I’ve ever used, I not understand why its considered a cult favorite. It holds a curl so well, and is super black!


  • Ulta Brow Pomade in Soft Brown- For a while now I’ve been using a brow pencil. When I tried this pomade I knew my brow look would never be the same! I love how defined my brows look with it!


  • Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump- Not sure if this actually plumps my lips but I love the way my lips feel. It has peppermint extract in it so when you put it on your lips start to tingle and its such an awesome feeling!
  • NYX Lingerie in Embellishment- This is a matte liquid lipstick and its such a pretty color, especially for fall!
  • MAC Lipstick in Brave- I’ve used this color for years! Its one of those cant go wrong pinks, I like to put it on top of of Embllishment!

There you have it my makeup bag! Do you use any of these products, or do you have a product that you would recommend? Leave your a comment below and let me know!




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