Does she have issues?

For future reference my daughter will be referred to as “S”

As parents it’s up to us to make sure our children are well taken care of. But when your child has everything (and more) that they could possible need and there is still something just sort of off, you have to take a step back.

My daughter has just started kindergarten (okay she started a month ago). From the get go her teacher seemed to not want her in her class, saying she’s too young or she isn’t focused enough. Now focus has never been S’s strong suite. She is all over the place all at once, we often wonder if she hears a buzzing sound coming from her brain.

Flash forward a month, S has started to get better at academics (we believe so at least), but she is still having major issues with focusing during times when she needs to. Which has lead us to do some research on ADHD, and based on everything we read there is a VERY high likelihood that she has it. Although we don’t have anything concrete from her doctor yet, we should very soon though.

We are at a crossroad though when it comes to even thinking about medicating our child. Do we medicate her? What if that takes away all her quirks that we love? Do we not medicate her and see if she grows out of this phase and settles down? Its a hard decision. My husband and I just want the very best for her, whatever that may be.

Do you or anyone in your family have these issues? Let me know in the comments below!


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