Does it work: TonyMoly Magic Changing Foot Peeling Shoes

Recently my feet have been really bad, so when I was at Ulta Beauty the other day I saw the TonyMoly Changing Magic Foot Peeling Shoes and decided to give them a go. Looking at the back of the package I was a little scared as it was mostly in Korean.

Flash forward about an hour later, I got home and put them on almost right away being it was the end of the day. The very little English said to leave it on for hour to an hour and a half. I went a little longer and did an hour and forty-five minutes. The package said to rinse off my feet well and in 4-5 days my feet should start to peel and become smooth (Ew! right?)

Well let me tell you, we are on day 4 with zero sign that these worked. I’m hoping they do because like I stated, my feet could use the TLC. I, being a mother to a VERY active 5 year old don’t exactly have the time to go to the nail salon every week to get a pedicure. I will keep you posted whether or not anything happens. If it doesn’t, I may just go get another package and try again. But who knows?

Have you used these foot peeling shoes or anything like them? Let me know in the comments below.

Image Credit:http://images.ulta.com/is/image/Ulta/2298319?$detail$

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